“A Walk in the Woods” (a monologue of hope and happiness)

“How come we always tend to look back as if it were all good? Like a photoshopped life replaying all of the best bits and none of the bad?”

Synopsis: A Walk in the Woods is an inspiring and reassuring short monologue told from the perspective of a man who has finally found the courage to bring an end to a longstanding toxic relationship. Stressed and disillusioned by the ordeal, he returns to a large wood that he used to play in as a child seeking to take comfort in memories of happier times, and yet strangely finds hope for the future hiding here as well as the past.

From the Author: Recently I’ve been starting to get into writing short stories more and more, so decided to turn them into free eBooks. My hope is to offer these stories free of charge as a way to share my work and to also give people something to enjoy. Life can get hard sometimes and being able to just kick back with a little story can make all the difference. All of the books I post are completely free, so be sure check out the direct link below to read / download your copy. Should you wish to help support me while making my free books, then visit my Patreon page to make a donation, I hope you enjoy the read.

Best wishes
Westley Nash

Direct Link to PDF >>> A Walk In The Woods – a monologue of hope and happiness by Westley Nash

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