Legend Of The Dragons (short story)


“It is said that while the Sun sheltered behind the moon a bright star fell from the heavens. Upon striking the earth, this star split into two halves. One half was thrown to the west, while the other half to the east. When the two halves of this star finally came to rest, from deep within their hollow centre’s a dragon emerged.”

Synopsis: Legend of the Dragons may be short but it’s story tells of such a deep wealth of feeling and emotion. It talks of the loneliness, the struggle and a hope for more in life that many of us face daily. Maybe there is someone for everyone out there, maybe there isn’t, but either way the search can bring about some incredible magic along the way.

It was a little story that I wrote many years ago, from a spark of inspiration which struck me out of nowhere. It was one of those straight from mind to paper in one sitting type of things. It’s perfect if you only have a short time to enjoy a good read 🙂 I’m sharing this freely with all who wish to read it as I think it’s worth something to someone. You can either read it here (left click) or download the PDF to read later (right click and save as)

PDF Read / Download >> Legend of the Dragons by Westley Nash

I plan to write and release more free ebooks, so if you liked this story and wish to support my work, then feel free to visit my Patreon page to leave a donation.

Best wishes
Westley Nash


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