Legend Of The Dragons (short story)


“It is said that while the Sun sheltered behind the moon a bright star fell from the heavens. Upon striking the earth, this star split into two halves. One half was thrown to the west, while the other half to the east. When the two halves of this star finally came to rest, from deep within their hollow centre’s a dragon emerged.”

Synopsis: Legend of the Dragons may be short but it’s story tells of such a deep wealth of feeling and emotion. It talks of the loneliness, the struggle and a hope for more in life that many of us face daily. Maybe there is someone for everyone out there, maybe there isn’t, but either way the search can bring about some incredible magic along the way.

It was a little story that I wrote many years ago, from a spark of inspiration which struck me out of nowhere. It was one of those straight from mind to paper in one sitting type of things. It’s perfect if you only have a short time to enjoy a good read 🙂 I’m sharing this freely with all who wish to read it as I think it’s worth something to someone. You can either read it here (left click) or download the PDF to read later (right click and save as)

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“Abyssal”(eyes in the dark) [short story ebook]


“Fear is like a fire and you really don’t want a fire burning while you’re trapped inside a sealed metal suit. So if you see movement, it was just a fish. If you see a silhouette, it was just a fish. If you see a face with a big pair of eyes staring at you from the shadows? It was just a damn fish!..”

Synopsis: Imagine being able to operate a high-tech armoured diving suit that not only lets you survive in the extreme depths of the ocean, but to also explore freely. Well thats a reality in this eerie short story which recounts a disturbing mission seen through the eyes and memories of a deep see geologist, part of a small team charged with finding potential geothermal sites, 6,000 meters down in the crushing depths. Most of the deepest regions of the Earth’s oceans remian all but unexplored, and the stories of sea monsters and terrifying creatures have persisted throughout the ages. So it’s one thing getting down there, but what might be hiding in the permanent darkness?

From The Author: “Abyssal” (eyes in the darkness) is another one of my own short stories. You can read or download the ebook for free via the link at the the bottom of the page. I plan to share more of my free ebooks in the future, so should you wish to help support me then visit my Patreon page to leave a donation. But either way, be sure to enjoy the book 🙂

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“A Walk in the Woods” (a monologue of hope and happiness)

“How come we always tend to look back as if it were all good? Like a photoshopped life replaying all of the best bits and none of the bad?”

Synopsis: A Walk in the Woods is an inspiring and reassuring short monologue told from the perspective of a man who has finally found the courage to bring an end to a longstanding toxic relationship. Stressed and disillusioned by the ordeal, he returns to a large wood that he used to play in as a child seeking to take comfort in memories of happier times, and yet strangely finds hope for the future hiding here as well as the past.

From the Author: Recently I’ve been starting to get into writing short stories more and more, so decided to turn them into free eBooks. My hope is to offer these stories free of charge as a way to share my work and to also give people something to enjoy. Life can get hard sometimes and being able to just kick back with a little story can make all the difference. All of the books I post are completely free, so be sure check out the direct link below to read / download your copy. Should you wish to help support me while making my free books, then visit my Patreon page to make a donation, I hope you enjoy the read.

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Direct Link to PDF >>> A Walk In The Woods – a monologue of hope and happiness by Westley Nash