“Tattered Fate” (art by Westley Nash)

I’ve always been fascinated with the art styles of the playing cards, so this isn’t the first time I’ve ever used cards as inspiration for my artworks. Although I must say that this project is my favourite! I’m not a card player, never been the gambling type, but somehow they always draw me to them.

If you click on each picture it will take you to my DeviantArt page where you can download the file free of charge 🙂

“Tattered Fate”

Tattered Fate

“Tattered Fate”
(Queen Card)

Tattered Fate - Queen Card

“Tattered Fate”
(King Card)

Tattered Fate - King Card

“Tattered Fate”
(Jack Card)

Tattered Fate - Jack Card

“Tattered Fate”
(Ace Card)

Tattered Fate - Ace Card

NOTE: As the creator of these artworks I am happy for anyone who finds them appealing to save, display, share and print them completely free. My other artworks are availble on my DeviantArt page for free download also. My only request is that should you display them publically online or off, could you include my name or use my #thoughtsofsteel hashtag so that I am at least attributed as the original artist.

Best wishes
Westley Nash


“The Shallows” (digital artwork)

The Shallows

I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean. I find myself as equally scared of it as I am enthralled by it. Created on Sketchbook, The Shallows is an artwork that was born from straight out of that fascination, as even the shallowest of waters hold their beauty as well as their dangers.

This would be ideal as wall art or perfect as a smartphone wallpaper. Feel free to use it as you please. If you click the picture it will take you to my Deviantart page to download for free.

Best Wishes
Westley Nash