“A Broken Heart” (still beats a rhythm) – [my poetry ebook]

Broken Heart (WORD PRESS)

“The day I felt my heart break, I didn’t know it at the time but I had actually been set upon the very first step of a long journey towards self-discovery and awakening. This path would not be easy, rather full of hardship! Fierce pain and numerous struggles of the heart and mind that would push me to emotional extremes I had never thought possible. My writing became the primary tool with which I built myself anew. Poetry streaming from every feeling, thought and memory that met me at each crossroads. The good, the bad and even the downright ugly all found their way onto paper, and by putting all this energy down, getting that inner struggle out of my being I was able to view my convoluted mash of feeling and deeply troubled thoughts from a place more calm and to maintain an objective distance. It became a workshop in which I crafted my new found clarity and inner peace…”

Westley Nash

Synopsis: A Broken Heart (still beats a rhythm) holds an eclectic mix of poems that can produce different emotions in different people. Ranging from sad and depressive or angry and vengeful, to hopeful and happy, inspired and uplifted. Its a book that appeals to young and old alike, and especially for those who like their poetry a bit more focused on the message and the feeling, rather than the form and complexity. It’s just a frank and open story of emotional evolution! A tale of tragedy and setback, of fighting to break free from the pain and the suffering, all leading to a personal account of seeking reason to strive on and to emerge from out of that storm a brand new person ready to open their big heart to the world once more!

So help yourself to a copy (link at the bottom of the page) completely free of charge. Share it with others if you so wish or just add it to your ebook archive. I plan to release more books in the future, so should you feel so inclined to support me, then visit my Patreon page to leave a donation. But either way, be sure to enjoy the book 🙂

Best Wishes
Westley Nash

PDF Direct Download link (Right Click and Save As) >>> A Broken Heart Still Beats A Rhythm (Completed 16th Jan 2019)

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